The winter months are the time for pruning, an activity aimed at reducing the canes both in length and in number so that the grapevine produces fewer though thicker and better clusters the next season. Pruning extends the life of the grapevine and secures a new harvest year after year. It also helps to control the plant’s size in order to facilitate the vineyard chores. We are now pruning some of our varieties. Carmenère: We are leaving some long canes with short internodes of balanced vigor that will be later trimmed to control the variety’s acrotony. The canes are later tied together. Merlot: We prune canes of similar vigor that will provide the arms for spur pruning the next year. After tying, we make sure the arm is left as straight as possible, as it will become the main cordon. This is also the time for other management tasks, which include cleaning ditches, repairing structures, closing hedges and applying herbicides to keep weeds under control..  



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